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Winegrower in the Loire Valley, we have the   desire to promote all the appellations of the Loire Valley from the Pays Nantais to the Centre-Loire, via Anjou-Saumur and Touraine.


Vinaloire favors independent winegrowers who respect the environment.

Our passion has enabled us to come up with a selection of wines with great organoleptic qualities and fully reflecting the different Loire terroirs.


Neophyte or informed amateur, the Vinaloire selection aims to be accessible, while offering exceptional cuvées for those in search of authenticity and excellence.

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Benoît de Montleau



Victoire de Montleau

Project Manager


Jean de Montigny

Sales Manager


Gary Taminiau

Wine Buyer

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Gary Taminiau

Wine Buyer

Events Manager


Particularly attached to the notions of terroir and authenticity, we work exclusively with independent winegrowers.

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Label of the French Federation of Independent Winegrowers

  • The winegrower cultivates his vines while respecting his terroir.

  • The winemaker makes his own wine in his cellar.

  • The winegrower sells his wine by sharing his passion.

An authentic guarantee of production carried out from A to Z within a farm. 


Excluded are: merchants, cellars, cooperatives, grape acquisition, vinification by service providers;

Aware of the ecological issues, Vinaloire favors its partnerships with winegrowers practicing High Environmental Value approaches, organic farming and, for some, biodynamics.


Label High Environmental Value "HVE"

  • the preservation of biodiversity (insects, trees, hedges, grass strips, flowers, etc.) 

  • the phytosanitary strategy (limitation of treatments from processed products) 

  • fertilization management

  • water resource management

A guarantee of exploitation of the vines for the preservation of the natural ecosystem. 

The INAO prohibits the use of GMOs in grape varieties for PDOs.

Organic farming label

  • respect for natural balances

  • exclusion of synthetic chemicals

  • the exclusion of GMOs (for wines without appellation, PDOs being automatically GMO-free)

  • limitation of inputs (copper sulphate, neem oil, azadirachtin, etc.)

An approach favoring natural products for the preservation of the ecosystem.

Note: natural products are not exempt from toxicity.


Agriculture label biodynamic

In addition to being certified organic, Demeter wines meet additional requirements both in terms of grape production and vinification. Biodynamic preparations based on plants, minerals and organic materials are used and the number of techniques and inputs allowed are limited. As in organic farming, the control of each estate and each cuvée is carried out annually.

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