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  • If there are not enough glasses at home for a special event, we are happy to lend you some of ours.

  • We will deliver the number of glasses you wish to rent along with your wine order; you should only make sure to bring them back.

  • You don’t even need to clean the glasses, we only ask you to return them within a week.

  • If a glass gets broken, is missing or simply you would like to keep it: we will charge for it at 3€/unit.

What are the conditions of rental?

  • Membership

  • We request you to bring the glasses back to our shop in Brussels within 8 days.

  • According to the wine order:

    • ​In the case of buying 12 to 23 bottles: maximum of 60 glasses

    • In the case of buying more than 24 bottles: maximum of 120 glasses

How much does it cost ?

We prepare a transfer invoice with an 8-day payment deadline at a discounted price. If you bring the glasses back before the deadline expires, we will write it off from the invoice, so that the rental is free of charge.


Where can I rent the glasses?

You can rent the glasses here on the website (along with a minimum order of 12 bottles of wine). Personally in our shop in Brussels. 

Coming soon...

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